Conquer Wedding Overwhelm

From Chaos to Confidence: Craft The Wedding Journey You Want With Coaching.

"That's Not Just Makeup and Good Lighting; That Bridal Glow is CONFIDENCE"

Confidence isn’t just a nice trait; it’s essential to the experience you’ve envisioned. With the right support, you’ll embrace every aspect of your unique journey. It’s not about planning the perfect wedding that makes this moment significant; it’s about the commitment to your partner and who you are becoming. So, get ready to tune into your own voice, make decisions that celebrate your true self, and transform this into a wedding journey filled with joy and authenticity.

I'm Amy

Your Wedding Wing Woman

Hey there, I’ve been exactly where you are right now, caught in the whirlwind of wedding planning, and I understand how overwhelming it can be.

My journey into bridal coaching started while planning my own wedding. It was eye-opening to witness how many brides felt overwhelmed, stressed, and let down by the entire process. As a life coach since mid-2020, I couldn’t ignore the challenges these brides were facing. That’s when I decided to become your Wedding Wing Woman. I’m dedicated to guiding you through the unique challenges and emotions that can sometimes overshadow the joy of your journey. Drawing on my expertise & lived experience, I’m here to help you unlock your inner magic, dissolve the stress, and turn this moment into the dream experience you’ve always envisioned.

The Magic

How Bridal Coaching Transforms Your Journey.

The journey to your wedding should be a joyful adventure, a transformative path into a beautiful new chapter of your life, not a source of anxiety. With my guidance you’ll:

Ease Stress

Feeling overwhelmed by wedding planning? Coaching empowers you to confidently navigate the journey, turning stress into excitement, and helping you savor every moment.

Craft The Vision

Struggling to bring your vision to life? The personalized guidance coaching offers, enables you to make empowered choices that resonate with your dream, resulting in an authentic and personal wedding.

Make Memorable Moments

Coaching will help you design an unforgettable wedding day that marks the beginning of a beautiful journey filled with love, laughter, and cherished moments—not just for you but for every guest who attends your wedding.

Kickstart Your Journey To Wedding Confidence

Eager to escape the overwhelm that often comes with planning your wedding? It all begins with a single click. Schedule a 90-minute Bridal Breakthrough Coaching Session and discover a journey where you’re excited, confident, and in control.

Empower Your Wedding Journey

Ready to infuse a little magic into your wedding journey?

As the New Year begins, so does an exhilarating new chapter. I’m getting ready to reveal a groundbreaking approach to wedding planning, where heart-centered coaching and DIY brides collide. Imagine embarking on a bridal path that’s not just about ticking boxes, but truly transforming your engagement into an adventure of joy and self-discovery. 

‘Empowered I Do’s’ is about to make this dream a reality – stay tuned for an experience where your unique love story and empowering coaching come together, creating wedding magic like never before.

Counting Down to Something Extraordinary – ‘Empowered I Do’s’ Arrives This New Year!

Brace yourself for a wedding planning revolution! ‘Empowered I Do’s’ is unveiling in the New Year, offering a fresh, heart-centered approach to your bridal journey. Be among the first to experience practical guidance, emotional support, and a community that celebrates every step with you. Sign up now for early insights, special offers, and surprises that await.

Kind Words from Past Clients

Be The Hero Of Your Bridal Aventure With Coaching!

This coaching experience isn’t just about planning and executing your dream wedding; it’s about embracing personal growth, self-awareness, and resilience as you become the hero of your own bridal adventure and beyond.

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Gifts for an overwhelmed Bride.

Feeling the weight of wedding planning? These thoughtfully curated free resources were designed to empower and guide you through this transformative journey with ease, no matter where you are in your wedding adventure. A gift from a Wedding Wing Woman.

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